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Indian jute industry

Jute is an integral part of the Indian Textile Industry. It is one of the major industries in the eastern region, particularly in West Bengal. It provides direct employment to about 2.61 lakh workers and supports the livelihood of around 4million farm families and around 1.4 lakh people engaged in the tertiary sector and allied activities.

Moreover, the Jute Industry also contributes to exports. The Government has included the Jute Sector for special attention in its National Common Minimum Programme. The production process in the Jute Industry goes through a variety of activities, which include cultivation of raw jute, processing of jute fibres, spinning, weaving, bleaching, dyeing, finishing and marketing of both raw jute and its finished products.

Currently production of fibre in India is around 100 lakh bales and about 73 jute mills are operating in the country. Besides, there are small scale industries in the decentralized sector producing handicrafts, decorative, twines, pulp & paper from jute and allied fibres and particle board from jute stick. As per the latest Exim Bank report on the Jute industry, the world market for GTs, currently dominated by synthetics is over 40 million sq m. Immense potential also exists in the USA and Europe.