Coastal Packagers

The company was founded by Late Vishvendra Kumar & Chandra Mohan Agarwal in the year 1978 following a tradition which had started at the beginning of the 20th century. In recent years Coastal Packagers has distinguished itself in the jute field, managing to consolidate its commercial contacts all over the world. Today the company is managed by Mr. Yash Kumar and his better half Mrs. Vishakha Kumar and has set its strong foothold not only in exports but emerged as one of the leading importers from Bangladesh. We also thank the hard work and dedication of the entire family, to it’s co-workers and to important advisors, Coastal Packagers has developed into one of the most solid and renowned jute companies in India.

The year 2008 was marked by recognition from the Government of India and we became a proud holder of an Star Export House status. As destiny had its plans for Coastal Packagers we are emerging as one of the leading export houses and more development is yet to come.

Our desire is not just to sell products, but to establish a working relationship that will enhance the profitability of the channel partners business and bring profit to the end-user as well. We add our leveraged buying power to the ultimate customer at the lowest possible price so that we not only acquire and account but also sustain it over the years.